sales performance training

Our name, Uptrend Partners, defines our work with you… 


We partner with you to develop the skills training, sales processes and reinforcement tools to drive a consistent uptrend in top line revenue.

Selling in today’s environment demands a new approach to capturing and sustaining business. In order to compete in the current paradigm, you must challenge traditional sales models and adapt your sales efforts in a collaborative manor with your customers to find creative solutions.

We are a Solution Selling® Business Partner of Sales Performance International. This allows our clients access to the most proven sales optimization programs in the world.

Our typical process with clients involves the following steps:

  • Analysis: We do a comprehensive review of your current programs and mutually identify areas restricting your desired performance.
  • Calibration: We align your sales processes and professional development programs to achieve new standards.
  • Design: We formulate the training programs needed to develop the field sales organization to deliver optimal results.
  • Application: We implement the new skills training, sales process monitoring and management coaching plans.
  • Support: We provide the on-going coaching and support tools to drive the success of your sales team.


Recent Customer Feedback: “Thank you Uptrend! Solid professionals, fun personalities, tons of energy, great content. My team loved you and the course!” Executive VP Sales & Marketing