Virtual Skills Development

Adapting and pivoting to the virtual world are required in today’s rapidly changing environment…

Many individuals and teams struggle to deliver the same results in a virtual situation. We now offer four-hour, instructor-led courses to quickly address these issues…

Skills for Virtual Selling


In a half day, participants are introduced to the foundational virtual principles of preparation, communication and facilitation. These principles are supported by the six critical selling skills required to engage with customers online and to improve sales results. The session is very interactive and requires application of the skills during the training


Emotional Intelligence is a requirement in today’s fluid circumstances. Prior to the course, learners will take an online assessment and be given a 20+ page report detailing their personal style with appraisals of their strengths and weaknesses. The instructor-led session focuses on ways to adapt and improve in applying EQ to both internal and external business relationships.

Please contact Tim O’Connor for more information about these and other courses we offer to enhance virtual skills. He can be reached at 502-554-2466 or by email at