Virtual Skills Development

Adapting and pivoting to the virtual world are required in today’s rapidly changing environment…

Many individuals and teams struggle to deliver the same results in their virtual engagements. We now offer a four-hour, virtual instructor-led course to quickly address these issues…

Skills for Virtual Selling


In four hours, you can learn the essential virtual principles of preparation, communication and facilitation. These principles are supported by the Six Critical Skills required to engage with customers online.

You will learn how to open a virtual session using the skills of Presence and Relating. Also, how to avoid the pitfalls which lead to a lack of engagement in your meetings. We cover the basics of setting up your broadcast studio to make the best impression in your virtual interactions.

By learning the best practices of each phase of a virtual meeting, you will be able to seamlessly guide the meeting to a successful outcome.

Upon course completion, you will have a Reference Guide for use prior to each virtual interaction. The Guide includes a Preparation Checklist to help you be ready before your customer enters your virtual room. There are helpful tips for each of the Six Critical Skills. These skills include Presence, Relating, Questioning, Listening, Positioning and Checking.

Feedback from recent class participants:

“This is a great training, and I feel I have learned a lot that helps with my job everyday!”

“I really enjoyed the interactive training and it was very helpful”

“Very insightful and timely, as I desire to grow in my role, this training will help me and my colleagues!”

To learn more about training your team, please contact Tim O’Connor 502-554-2466